“Alina immediately discovered our daughter’s learning style and incorporated it into instruction that stimulates and motivates her to advance.”
Erin and Kent

“Thank you so much for all you’ve taught me… I don’t think I can begin to describe how happy playing viola has made me…”

“I’ve been taking violin lessons with Ms. Alina for about two years and my skills have improved tremendously! Ms. Alina is a FANTASTIC teacher who strives to bring out the best of her students. She knows how I learn best and always finds a way to explain something that I don’t understand.”

“My daughters have been taking violin lessons with Alina for more than 2 years. They began with a Suzuki style instructor, whose program was too demanding for our schedule. Alina transitioned the girls well into traditional violin education and they’re much happier for it.”

“I took vocal lessons with Alina for a year. By the end of the year I started getting some compliments on my singing. Before starting lessons I never received any compliments on my singing. I have played guitar with bands for years and wanted to start singing as well.”

“We LOVE Alina! My daughter has taken viola lessons with Alina for three years and we could not be happier! She has given my daughter a love for music and even for practicing! Alina is gentle and kind but firm with her students and challenges them to always go above and beyond. We highly recommend her!”

“I took viola lessons with Alina for several years and always enjoyed coming to classes. She kept things at a suitable level for me and was very generous and flexible with her time. She is a skilled teacher and a wonderful mentor to me!”

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