Voice Lessons

A student can benefit from singing lessons as young as the age of 9. As a voice instructor, I believe that it is important to develop versatility in my students and provide them with hands-on experience in singing a variety of musical styles including classical, pop, belting.

Voice is unique to a person, just as the fingerprints. For many people, the voice is part of their identity. My job as a teacher is to nurture self-awareness and increase students’ ability to hear and feel the voice through the attitude of peace and acceptance. Development of good and healthy vocal technique is a constantly renewing, continually adapting, incremental journey. All the technical exercises and assignments that I teach my students are tailored to answer their personal and unique needs.

I strive to maintain a good balance between technical work and musical refinement to keep students enthusiastic and excited about their voice lessons. Breaking down problems into smaller, easy-to-understand tasks are an integral part of my teaching. Rhythm, intonation, quality of the sound and organic expression are at the forefront of my priorities. Stage presence and performance etiquette add polish to the technical aspects. A good artistic performance is equally important as a solid technique. To practice the performance skills several performing opportunities are offered throughout the year.

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