How Can Parents Contribute to Their Child’s Progress?

Parents have enormous effect on their child’s practice.  By showing your interest in the child’s progress and often being part of the child’s practice at home parents can support and encourage the kids in their learning progress.

Here are some ways that parents could show their support to the learning process:

1. Ask questions about their goals and tasks for this year/month/week.

2. Ask the child to play for you a new piece that was recently learned.

3. If the child reports difficulty dealing with homework, please discuss what strategies have been used in the past to deal with similar issues. If necessarily, don’t hesitate to email me for advice. I will be more than happy to help.

4. Encourage the child to do quality and not quantity practice. Some weeks the child will be able to accomplish things in less time, some weeks more daily practice time is needed. Practicing is about outcome, not the time spent playing.

5. Design practice time on the child’s schedule.


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